Photoelectric phenomena and metastable states in amorphous semiconductors

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The research is mainly devoted to the problems of generation, recombination and trapping of nonequilibrium carriers in amorphous hydrogenated semiconductors (a-Si:H, a-Ge:H, a-SiGe:H) and generation and relaxation of metastable states in these materials.
Systematic studies of conductivity, photoconductivity and optical absorption in doped and undoped a-Si:H enable to understand the main recombination mechanisms of nonequilibrium carriers in a-Si:H and the influence of the temperature and doping on these processes, including thermal quenching of photoconductivity.
Light-induced metastable states in undoped, doped and compensated a-Si:H films were studied in a wide temperature range. The experiments have shown that impurities, defect-impurity complexes and hydrogen determine the temperature-dependent light-induced processes, which take place in a-Si:H.

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