Database: publications on x-ray absorption spectroscopy

XAFS spectroscopy is widely used in physics, materials science, chemistry (especially in catalysis and coordination chemistry), biology, geochemistry and environmental science. It can be applied not only to studies of crystalline solids, but also to studies of various disordered and liquid systems and gaseous molecules.

This is an interface to the Glimpse-based search engine which enables you to find published papers in different fields of x-ray absorption spectroscopy -- XAFS, EXAFS, XANES, NEXAFS, SEXAFS, XEOL, and EXAFS-like phenomena in photoemission, electron-energy-loss spectra and so on. The publications on XMCD (x-ray magnetic circular dichroism) were recently added. The database comprises over 9400 references covering the period 1971-1999. It was compiled from Science Citation Index, Physics Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts databases and some additional sources (mainly journal papers and indexes).

To find the paper you should input a keyword. You can use any word(s) from the title (like ferritin), author's name (Stern) or chemical substance name (iron). If you want to enter several words, you should separate them by boolean operators and, or (for example: nickel and oxide, tungsten OR molybdenum). After improving the inner structure of the database the default setting of the number of errors field is set to 0. If you cannot find some references you can increase this setting to 1 or 2, but this will probably result in irrelevant data. Using the recent publication first checkbox you can choose the order in which the references will appear. If you are looking for a strict word, you can set the match whole word checkbox. It is highly recommended not to change case sensitive checkbox as the format of all records in the database is not the same.

If you could not find your papers, send me the full reference to your paper, and it will be included into the database. Please send your additions to

Last modified: August 21, 1999

Alexander Lebedev